About Us

R.J. MacIsaac Construction Ltd. is an Atlantic Canadian  marine construction company. Founded in 1975 by Ronald and June MacIsaac, the business has grown over the past two generations and is currently owned and operated by Boyd and Theresa MacIsaac. In 1988, we began to expand from small marine projects to a wider range of services that were often overlooked by the marine contracting sector.

Opening up to a wider range of projects, we’ve expanded into new territory/market sectors such as marine research and tidal power development.

We were responsible for pioneering the use of the long reach excavator in the marine sector. This created a more efficient, cost effective method of marine excavation and construction. We also developed innovative tools (and techniques) for use with the long reach excavator which have been adopted by the marine industry which include the design of the underwater sweep beam for more accurate construction of mattresses for marine structures. We designed and built three drill masts that will attach to our excavator for underwater drilling off of barges; the most recent we added a motion compensator which allows us to drill in rougher sea conditions. In 2010 we started the design of a heavy lift barge for lifting heavy structures with a capacity of up to 200 tonne. The long range goal at the time was to use this barge to become a key player as an installer in tidal power. On our current job we recently designed a portable cofferdam to eliminate the need of underwater welding. this significantly improved production along with the quality of the work.

We fully support our community and support

  • St. Andrews Community
  • Antigonish Minor Hockey
  • Lochaber Community Development Association
  • Antigonish Creative Dance
  • Coady Institute at St.F.X.
  • C.A.C.L