Media and Press Releases

Here you’ll find a some of the press coverage our projects have received as well as news releases from RJMI Construction.



Main-a-Dieu residents updated on MV Miner removal

We feel that keeping that communicating our progress to the community is a core business practice that keeps the local area residents informed.

Sean Howard, past-president of the Main-a-Dieu Community Development Association, said he left the meeting reassured that the right people are now on the job to finally clear away what area residents call an “eyesore.”

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Crews to start removal of MV Miner from Scatarie Island

Plans to begin barging heavy equipment and armour stone from Louisbourg to the island had been scheduled for Friday, but weather delayed the work by a day.

From the article:

” Julian O’Neil, an employee with the Coastal Discovery Centre in Main-a-Dieu, said the contractor and government officials have provided good communication with local citizens.”

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Raitt visit home to Cape Breton means business too

Removal of stranded MV Miner will be on minister’s agenda as she visits her hometown in Cape Breton.

From the article:

Antigonish firm RJ MacIsaac Construction will dispose of hazardous waste and remediate the site before Nov. 1. The ship will be cut into pieces and sold as scrap steel, which could bring up to $3 million, depending on world prices and the amount of recoverable material.

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